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Glen Hansard "Between Two Shores" 2018 Anti (Musician)

Jon Cowherd "Gateway" 2017 Newvelle (Producer, Composer, Musician)

Brian Blade & the Fellowship Band "Body & Shadow" 2017 Blue Note (Producer, Composer, Musician)

Norah Jones "Day Breaks" 2016 Blue Note (Musician)

Grei "Meadow of Peace" 2016 Vero Sachi (Musician)

Gregoire Maret "Wanted" 2016 Sunnyside (Musician)

Arthur Vint & Associates "Through the Badlands" 2016 Rope a Dope (Musician)

Mark Murphy "Timeless Evening" 2016 (Musician)

Mark Murphy "Slip Away" 2016 (Musician)

Daniel Goodman "Keys to the Kingdom" 2016 (Musician)

Cassandra Wilson "Coming Forth By Day" 2015 Sony Legacy (Composer, Arranger, Musician)

Rosanne Cash "The River and the Thread" 2015 Blue Note (Musician)

Emilie Simon "Mue" 2014 Barclay (Musician)

Amy Vachal "Crinkle Bloom" 2014 Rockwood Music Hall Records (Musician)

Alicia Olatuja "Timeless" 2014 World Tune (Musician)

Brian Blade & the Fellowship Band "Landmarks" 2014 Blue Note (Producer, Composer, Musician)

Dina Regine "Right On, Alright" 2014 (Musician)

Dayna Kurtz "Secret Canon Vol. 2" 2013 M.C. Records (Musician)

Jon Cowherd "Mercy" 2012 Artist Share/Blue Note (Producer, Composer, Arranger, Musician)

Iggy Pop "Apres" 2012 Thousand Mile (Musician)

Maria Logis "Room for Something New" 2012 (Producer, Musician)

Davy Mooney "Perrier Street" 2011 Sunnyside (Producer, Musician)

Joni's Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl August 17, 2011 (Arranger, Musician)

Kevin Kinney "Good Country Mile" 2011 (Musician)

Daniel Goodman "Cold Wind" 2011 (Musician)

Rosanne Cash "We Three Kings' Blue Note Christmas 2010 (Musician)

Chrissi Poland "Songs from the Concrete" 2010 Danben Records (Producer, Composer, Arranger, Musician)

Marc Cohn "Listening Booth 1970" 2010 Saguaro Road Records (Musician)

Matt Lemmler "Ubuntu" 2010 (Producer)

Brian Blade "Mama Rosa" 2009 Verve records (Musician)

Iggy Pop "Preliminairies" 2009 EMI (Musician)

Alexis Cole "The Greatest Gift" 2009 (Musician)

Marcus Strickland "Open Reel Deck" 2009 Strick Muzik (Composer, Musician)

Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band "Season of Changes" 2008 Verve records (Producer, Composer, Arranger, Musician)

Alyssa Graham "Echo" 2008 Sunnyside/Walrus (Producer, Composer, Arranger, Musician)

Marshall Gilkes "Lost Words" 2008 Alternate Side Records (Musician)

Pamela Luss "Your Eyes" Savant 2008 (Musician)

Nicholas Thys "Virgo" 2008 Pirouette Records (Musician)

Myron Walden "In This World" 2008 (Musician)

Mariel Larsen "Mariel Larsen" 2007 Coco Jazz (Associate Producer, Composer, Arranger, Musician)

Chris Tarry "Sorry to Be Strange" 2007 (Musician)

Metta Quintet "Subway Songs" 2006 Sunnyside (Composer)

Jack Wilkins "Until It's Time" 2005 Max Jazz (Musician)

Marshall Gilkes "Edenderry" 2005 Alternate Side Records (Musician)

Kingsborough Hymns 2005 (Musician)

The Local "Just Show Up" 2004 Budron Records (Producer, Composer, Arranger, Musician)

Lizz Wright "Salt" 2003 Verve (Producer, Arranger, Musician)

Ari Ambrose "Waiting" 2003 Steeplechase records (Musician)

Steve Sacks "Look to the Sky" 2001 (Musician)

Mark Olson and the Creekdippers- "Zola and the Tulip Tree" 2000 (Musician)

Brian Blade Fellowship "Perceptual" 1999 Blue Note records (Producer, Composer, Arranger, Musician)

Swing The Original Broadway Cast Recording 1999 (Arranger)

Meg Okura "Peace in my Heart" 1998 (Musician)

Brian Blade Fellowship "Brian Blade Fellowship" 1997 Blue Note records (Producer, Composer, Arranger, Musician)

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